MOA 430 Goldtops Ultimate Air Ride Front Shock / Sleeve Struts 11" - 17" Stroke, MOA430 Pair

MOA 430 Goldtops Ultimate Air Ride Front Shock / Sleeve Struts 11" - 17" Stroke, MOA430 Pair Welcome to the MOA 430 Bag Shocks / Struts (Pair)…

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MOA 430 Goldtops Ultimate Air Ride Front Shock / Sleeve Struts 11" - 17" Stroke, MOA430 Pair

Welcome to the MOA 430 Bag Shocks / Struts (Pair) designed exclusively for the Aircooled VW market. 

Purpose Engineered and Designed 

The Fixtures

Unique to this design, the MOA430 features a rose joint union top and bottom. The design is manufactured with several key attentions to detail, foremost the inner diameter of the rose joint is a metric 12mm fixing so true perfect fit for OEM studs, it is collared with two CAD plated steel top-hats per end, each features a limit stop and run anti-rattle rubber O-rings which double as dust seals.

The Body

Ultra strong, Wet Sprayed Steel body, robot welded, oil valving set to match body weight application perfectly. Rollover lower section designed to allow bag sleeve fit, ultra  strong rose collar and rated to over 700lbs of lifting force. The body also has deliberate upper air bag mount to clear fouling with moving trailing arms under high pressure to prevent chaffing and increase steering lock further.

The Vessel

Surface area was always the goal, the narrow bore piston rod retains residual strength taken from the parent component coil-over giving the shock lateral stiffness way beyond the required need for a shock style application. This piston twinned with the 80mm (Approx) bag body increases surface area of lifting to almost 10x mass to the equivalent product at driving pressures, meaning true accurate heights, less deviation across width of vehicle and ultra accurate control through smooth supported piston movement.

The Top

The goldtop, manufactured in high grade aluminium to achieve a number of details, visually can be seen the narrow headstock giving ultimate clearance to narrowed axles, giving maximum clearance to trailing arm, chassis legs and steering components. The square stem delibrately long to give freedom to float forward and backward without intrusion to supporting component and also giving height to allow the air tap to remain ultra accessible and run either visual or hidden depending on user preferance. Aluminium headstock provides the ultimate seal for NPT fixing (included). Internally runs a hollowed out cup internal to the seal ring barb fixture for the bag. This pocket increase the drop by a further 1.25" giving unparalleled lift vs drop.

The Tap

Pre fitted with imperial 1/4" PTC (push to connect) air tap, mean straight out of the box fit to all major air management suppliers such as Air Lift, Accuair etc. Air tap has a hexagonal body for simple removal and complete flush fit when secured. 


Designed for the following models:

• T1 Front 1949-1966 Beetle / Ghia (All Variations)
• T1 Front 1967-1979 Beetle / Ghia (All Variations running Limebug Jawbreaker series beams (Not including 1302/03 models)
• T2 Front 1968-79 Bay Window (Fitted with lower relocators available separately)
• T2 Front 1950-67 Split Screen (Fitted with lower relocators available separately) (NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE)
• T3 Front Fastback / Squareback and Notchback fitted with T1-T3 Jawbreaker conversion beam.

Please be aware, no MOA430 is designed to work with any other parts or systems other than Limebug manufactured parts. Consult a team member prior to purchase to insure your setup will work. 

Years of research/ design and development in air ride technology have gone into developing this new bag strut. Featuring the following:

• 295mm-430mm  (11.6”-17”) Compressed - Extended Range.
• 780lbs of lifting force at 100PSI with re-In forced sidewall.
• Rose Joint (spherical joint) Ends top and bottom to allow for our of true perfect operation.
• Metric 12mm Bosses top and bottom
• 1/4" NPT Sunken Air Tap Mount 1/4" PTC as standard / interchangeable.
• Shallow cut on the lower body for trailing arm clearance through the travel range. • Scalloped top mount for beam clearance Restricted 100mm Max Expansion Diameter.

Always use the MOA430 struts with Titan Through Rods in your beam to maximize ride quality and upper/ lower travel limits.

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