Type 3 1956-74 T1-T3 4" Narrowed Beam (Ball Joint)

Type 3 T1-T3 Ball Joint 4" Narrowed Beam Aircooled VW Type 3 Models and T34 (Razor Edge) Ball Joint 4 Inch Narrowed Beams, the industry standard…

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Type 3 T1-T3 Ball Joint 4" Narrowed Beam

Aircooled VW Type 3 Models and T34 (Razor Edge) Ball Joint 4 Inch Narrowed Beams, the industry standard in quality

Titan Engineering T3 (T1 Style) Ball Joint beams are narrowed 4" with no body modification. Each beam is hand made in the UK and are the industry standard in quality and finish.

Allows direct fitment to a T3 or T34 Framehead without modification, beam includes a bolt-on, or weld on closing panel for the chop on the lower cup which is necesscary to gain the ground clearence looking to be obtained from this style of conversion.

Note: You will require a T1 Core (including 4x Ball Joint Trailing arms and 2x Ball Joint Leaves) to complete this setup, we can provide these at additional cost and supply spindles also if required. Again T1 Spindles will be required to fit..

Each beam is hand made so please understand there may be upto a 3 week lead time on production.

Features Include:

Each beam is produced from CDS (Cold Drawn Steel) Seamless tubing, then turned to length, each adjuster slot is then milled into the tubing along with the 4x grease points. Next we fit our custom Xero adjusters in place which give over 7.5" of adjustment travel. These adjusters are set in place in such a way as to achieve maximum drop and still give a great range of upper adjustment on nearly all configurations. 

Next we laser cut 8mm steel into our beautifully designed end plates, these are then CNC press braked to form a dog leg which will clear all factory inner wings on your new 4" beam with no cutting, welding or drilling. Now we fit a turned 12x1.5mm solid threaded boss into the upper shock tower. Our shock towers are oversize in length to allow you to run your stock shocks for mild lowering and our gas charged shocks for the extra low Beetle / Ghia owners. 

For the final step in the metal core assembly process, we precision load the components into the robot welding cell, at this point we fit our ramped base 'uprights' which have oversize holes for simple easy installation on all frame heads. 

Now the core is built we install our uniquely designed grease cavity / Delrin bushings system. This configuration allows the use of Delrin bushes which have great low wearing properties and will not damage your trailing arms over time, they also do not squeak like Urethane. Finally this also allows you to run factory grease seals keeping your grease in the beam, where it should be. 

So that's how the industry standard of narrowed front axle is made and some of the fantastic features it offers. All beams have the option to a powder coated finish, RHD / LHD,  torsion leaves, track rods etc etc. Let Limebug cut out the guesswork and have a hassle free install.

We can now offer worldwide shipping on all Limebug beams. Typically holding over one hundred beam cores on the shelf we can supply the industry standard in quality and finish.

 - CDS Mech Grade Tubing
 - Gusseted Shock Tower to allow for fully weight baring Shocks
 - 8mm Lasercut End-plates
 - CNC Body Mounts & Shock Mounts
 - Dog Leg Shock Tower Support
 - Unique Grease Cavity System
 - 12x1.5mm Threaded Welded Upper Boss
 - Genuine Derlin Bushes
 - 4x Grease Nipples Fitted 
 - Custom Steering Damper Mount Fitted
 - RHD or LHD
 - Supplied in Raw Finish or Powdercoated
 - Designed, Manufactered and Assembled in the UK


Titan Engineering OE Narrowed Torsion Leaves

Professionally narrowed torsion leaves are the only way to narrow and lower your VW safely. As accredited and certified engineers we give a true cut to the length which work perfectly with our Beams / Front axles. We also use a custom made solid carbide dimple tool to re-produce the factory dimple to the correct depth and pitch.

Each leaf is chopped down to give the correct shoulder distance to the edge for safety and a clean finish.

All leaves are either OE quality or genuine original stacks refurbished, this is stock dependent.

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