Fully Assembled T1 Beams

Fully Assembled T1 Beams

Fully Assembled

EX beams irradicate all the guesswork, mistakes and oversights that can occur when narrowing your VW. Need that Low down, Tucked look? Built in the UK by Professional this is your best option!


Most customers are looking for that narrow low look, narrowed beams hold a minefield of issues not just the immediate issues of narrowed tie rods, leaves but they also cause issues with steering, we fit custom made pre-narrowed tie rods, use all German ends which feature double locking ends. We also offer an option to fit an OE style steering stop which works great to stop tyre scrubbing on lowered and narrowed vehicles. Also we work the stops in conjunction with our air ride systems which ensure no track fouling to the frame head.

Dropped Spindles:
A modification that became very popular in recent years, dropped spindles insure trailing arm angle is resolved as appose to traditional methods of just fitting adjusters and dropping the vehicle. Dropped spindles achieve a "body drop" style of lowering maintaining all original suspension mounts and fixings.

Derlin Bushings
Derlin has become "The Material of Choice" for most premium beams on the market now, due to its low wear property and High strength they are the perfect replacement for traditional bearings within the beam. The main cause for trailing arms getting excessive play is due to wear in failed bearing which unfortunately eats trailing arms for breakfast. Not with Derlins!

Grease Cavity
Grease packing is an essential part to longevity of a beams life. EX-Series Beams feature a unique cavity system which allows 100% of the beam to be packed and insure no swarf or wear will occur in the first runs out on your brand new beam.

Gas Charged Shocks
We offer a wide range of shocks which can be fitted to our beams, but nearly all you will find are gas charged, this is primarily due to the nature of a lowered vehicle, gas will resist compression, whereas oil only dampens, utilizing this characteristic means a smooth low ride that will not see you scrubbing that shiny paint on your arches, and give a more more responsive and solid feel.

OE Torsion Leaves, re-dimpled the right way
A bone of contention for us has always been poor re-dimpling on beams, this has cause no end of trailing arms falling off, or lop-sided ride height and angle. We use a bespoke tool to give exact narrowing dimensions and the dimple is to the correct depth/ angle and chamfer to match the original.

Adjusters used on these beams are hand machined again, and feature the adjustment slot built into the beam itself to give a beautiful and strong finish. The adjusters are set to angle to work in conjunction with the dropped spindles, these paired will allow you to practically hit the deck at full drop, but will allow you to wind it up for those winter wheels and insure the vehicle is still useable in all terrains.

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