Limebug Newsletter December

Limebug Newsletter December

Gene Berg Shifters:

Now back in stock all Gene Berg shifters for T1 & T2

Available as a direct replacement for all T1, T2 & T3 Shifters

Polished Embossed Handles on LHD and black flat top on RHD.

Pertronix Ignitor I & II Bundles:

We've created a new Pertronix Bundle Pack containing everything you need to upgrade your engine's electrics

Each Pack Contains:

Pertronix Ignitor Module
Black Flamethrower Coil (3.0ohms - 40,000Volts)
8mm Black HT Leads
Red and Blue HT Leads currently available!

Doetsch Tech Ball Joint Shock Absorbers:

Model: Doetsch Tech Progressive Dampeners
Type: Gas
Style: Stud (Upper), Eyelet (Lower)
Stroke: 226mm - 336mm
Sleeve Material/ Colour: Black W/Red Rubber

T1 Dropped Spindles:

Drops ride height by approx 2.5"

Available in Ball Joint and Link Pin setups for Both Drum and Disk Brakes

Cheapest in the UK!

T2 Bus Beam Adjusters:

Adjusters for Standard and narrowed T2 Beams, allow height adjustment through approx 7 inches of movement. Use these adjusters in conjunction with dropped spindle sets available for all years of bus.

Headlamp Accessories:

Our Headlamp Accesorries web ccategory has now gone live. From Headlamp Rings to Visors and Grilles we have everything to replace worn or rusty parts and get your car looking spotless.

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Jim Dandy Rack Fitting Instructions

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